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The power of foot

The mirror of our body

Indeed, the feet are considered to be the mirror of our body or the microcosm of our organism. And there is a good reason for this. Feet are responsible not only for keeping the balance but they also mirror our body and inner organs. Feet are our support and the map of our organism. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in a foot. It is rather a complicated mechanism that is responsible for our posture, the way we walk and also for other joints in our body. The flows of energy...

One step closer to ideal socks

New year, new socks

One of the things that SOKKI family really enjoys doing is growing and developing. Exactly the same goes for SOKKI production. By using SOKKI products daily and also by surveying other users the necessary improvements were summarised of both, design and used technologies. Therefore we are happy to offer some brand new models. So what are the upgrades for these models?

Find your combination!

Once in a while SOKKI users are interviewed in order to find out what combinations of colours and geometrical shapes they would like to see in the new...

Shortly about argyle

Argyle pattern in clothing – what does it tell you? Is it classy and formal style or is it more for playing golf? Argyle pattern can be found also in SOKKI collections. Therefore, it is interesting to explore where it comes from.

Originally, argyle pattern has developed form tartan which is a pattern of coloured checks and intersecting lines.

Similarly, as each territory has its own coat of arms, in the 17th century each Scottish clan had its own tartar that verified a membership to a certain group of people.

In 17th century there was Clan Campbell...

Socks’ science

Usually when one takes all the laundry out of the washing machine or the drier the result is a massive pile of tangled clothes. And mostly socks are the last to be sorted. The reason? Looking for the second sock is a time taking activity and honestly – not the most exciting one. But it turns out that even scientists had paid attention to this supposedly small issue.

Computer scientists Brian Christian and professor Tom Griffith in their book “Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions” explains how the techniques...

The truth about the left and the right

Since the beginnings of socks’ fashion a very important quality of our bodies has been forgotten. Possibly, for many sock manufacturers it has been easier and more profitable to maintain this myth but the time has come to break it.

The same as your palms, also your left and right feet are not the same or symmetric, they “mirror” each other.

More seriously, we actually are so used to grab a pair of socks and put in on without thinking which sock goes on which foot. That is because most of...