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Free Shipping worldwide on orders above EUR 30

Shipping Information

We value our customers and do the best to fulfill your orders as soon as possible.

Shipping  conditions depending on delivery address are following:

Delivery address Service provider Shipping time Price
Omniva parcel machine in  Latvia Omniva 1-2 business days 2 EUR
Courier service in Latvia Omniva 2-3 business days 3 EUR
Omniva parcel machine in Estonia Omniva 2-4 business days 3 EUR
Omniva parcel machine in Lithuania Omniva 2-4 business days 3 EUR
European Union DHL Global Mail 3-5 business days 2 EUR
The rest of Europe DHL Global Mail 3-10 business days 3 EUR
The rest of the world DHL Global Mail 3-10 business days 3 EUR
Free Shipping on all orders above EUR 30!!!