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Our Story

The idea for SOKKI socks has been dreamt up and lovingly brought to life in a Latvian family that has high demands towards what they wear - especially on their feet. The several year-long search for the perfect socks resulted in an idea to create their own - comfortable, environmentally friendly, qualitative, functional, and of course, visually satisfying.The SOKKI manufacturing process took about a year. During this time the father of the idea - Egils - along with his son Rihards, went to the best sock manufacturers of Italy to learn about even the most miniscule nuances of knitting socks. From choosing the most fitting yarns all the way to learning about innovation in knitting machines and specific sock processing before sending them to their wearers.

Latvian designer Marta Bula, who happens to have a weakness for stylish socks, was brought in to help with SOKKI designs. In collaboration with Marta, the first SOKKI collection designs were made and handed off to lovers of stylish socks to choose the top designs in different color variations.

SOKKI new team

SOKKI new team - Intars Busulis, with his son Lenijs, is committed to further developing and improving SOKKI socks so you can enjoy quality and comfort. We are grateful for your dedication and are ready to continue this journey with you, offering new and innovative sock designs. Our goal is to keep SOKKI as your first choice to buy socks and continue to create socks that embody important qualities - comfort, quality, natural, modern.

SOKKI Values

SOKKI will do everything possible to combine comfort with environmental awareness. These two live harmoniously though using the most eco-friendly materials with the most comfort-friendly knitting techniques.

All of the materials are made in the EU, sweatshop free, for the most fair foot care possible.

Our prices make SOKKI a smart alternative to non-eco-friendly and traditionally (read: not ergonomically made) products.