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The truth about the left and the right

Since the beginnings of socks’ fashion a very important quality of our bodies has been forgotten. Possibly, for many sock manufacturers it has been easier and more profitable to maintain this myth but the time has come to break it.

The same as your palms, also your left and right feet are not the same or symmetric, they “mirror” each other.

More seriously, we actually are so used to grab a pair of socks and put in on without thinking which sock goes on which foot. That is because most of the socks are meant for that kind of wearing. But the truth is that our feet are different. The left and the right foot have different shapes; therefore, identic socks will never fit both feet perfectly equally.

Of course, SOKKI is not the only enterprise in the world that is aware of the importance of adjusting the right and left sock for a perfect comfort. There are other companies that respect quality and clients’ feet. And they offer only socks that are left and right foot specific.

SOKKI family has also entered the field of conscious enterprises and we offer special anatomically designed toe that ensures a precise fit for both of your feet. Besides that, the socks are marked on the toes – L for left, and R for right one.

Anatomically designed toe is not the only factor that makes wearing SOKKI such a pleasurable thing. The socks are made of certified organic cotton that takes care about feet breathability and natural feeling. Moreover, the terry along the bottom of the foot with ventilation shafts ensures the breathability. It is known that people started wearing socks for very practical reasons and SOKKI has not forgotten about practicality. They are more endurable than other socks – heel and toe usually are the parts where the first signs of wearing down appears. SOKKI offers reinforced heel and toe for additional durability.

As important are the picturesque SOKKI collections whose design is inspired by nature motives and sceneries. It is definitely worth to take a moment and check the sock collection SOKKI by Intars Busulis. It contains five brave designs for men and women. In all of the collections each sock description contains a designer’s advice about the clothes that the particular design would fit the best with. Therefore, go ahead, choose the best design for you and please your feet. Both – left and the right one!

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