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The power of foot

The mirror of our body

Indeed, the feet are considered to be the mirror of our body or the microcosm of our organism. And there is a good reason for this. Feet are responsible not only for keeping the balance but they also mirror our body and inner organs. Feet are our support and the map of our organism. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in a foot. It is rather a complicated mechanism that is responsible for our posture, the way we walk and also for other joints in our body. The flows of energy in us already for a while are not a shamanic belief. They are scientifically proved and explained. They are responsible for the health and vitality of a human being. And these flows are connected to different areas of our body. The essential areas can be found in our feet.


Reflexology or zone therapy is a common natural treatment of the alternative medicine. Its history can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Intriguing it coincides with the fact that the oldest pair of socks was found in the territory of Egypt. Over the times this method has developed but in the basics of it, there is knowledge of different areas in our feet that are related to every gland, nerves, muscles, and organs.

There are healing channels for all the body systems in our feet. It means that by massaging a particular area we can deal with some health issues and increase the body’s self-healing abilities!

The term reflexology comes from a word reflex or response reaction. That means that with a help of massage we can evoke a reflectional action, that is a positive stimulating effect on a particular body part. There are many specialists in who are practicing this therapy but the best part is that each of us can improve or stabilize our health simply by massaging the feet!

The treasures are hidden in the feet-map

Imagine that the body is divided into 10 vertical zones – five on the right and five on the left. The five right zones are reflecting on the right foot and the five left zones – in the left foot. All the organs and structures that are in one zone are connected to each other. Each of organs is reflected only on one foot. For instance, the heart is on the left foot, the liver is on the right. We can find areas in our feet that are related to our brain, airways, guts, tonsils, ears, even jaw and many other parts of our body.

By massaging a corresponding area, it is possible to increase the wellness, mental capacity, emotional state as well as to fight the stress, back pain. By dedicating more time to our feet we can improve our blood circulation, eliminate sleeping disorders, cleanse our body from toxins and even balance our hormones.

Of course, in case of serious health issues, we must go to the doctor. Nevertheless, regular feet massage to yourself or your loved ones will do only good. And after the massage, the feet can be dressed in SOKKI that continuously will take care of your feet by letting them breath and ensuring a natural feel.


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