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SOKKI releases a new, bright, designer sock collection in collaboration with singer Intars Busulis

The Latvian family-made organic cotton sock brand SOKKI, in co-operation with one of the most popular local musicians and singers, Intars Busulis, release a new, bright, designer sock collection called “SOKKI by Intars Busulis”.

“Intars Busulis is one of the brightest Latvian pop music personalities. We've been big fans of his work since the beginning of his musical career and our attitude over the years hasn't changed. Our, the SOKKI family's, vision and values fit together with Intars' - family, style and comfort. For Intars, as a stage performer, it's important to stand out,...

The history of socks

How did it all begin

We are so used to socks as a part of our everyday clothing that only few of us thinks about how long does the civilization know socks and where do they originally come from. Word “sock” comes from old Greek sykchos meaning “light, low-heel shoe”, slipper as we would say today. But the object itself of course has much older history that its name. Below you can read a short CV of socks and the story of their development.

Above all, the feet should be warm. This wisdom was known also by...

Stepping in SOKKI socks – towards healthier environment

By choosing organic cotton in our everyday wardrobe we make a small but very important and environmentally friendly step towards sustainability. Not only this choice promotes consuming less resources and using more nature-friendly substances in textile industry but also supports human working conditions and fair payment to the people involved in this process. Moreover, by choosing organic materials we take care of our skin, not making a contact with fabrics treated with poisonous pesticides. There is a reason why cotton is believed to be the dirtiest crop due to the heavy use of insecticides that are ranked...

The difference you can make by choosing organic cotton

When was the last time you actually thought  about the clothes you wear?  Where was it made, what is it made from, who made it? These are important questions these days, and they can also be super complicated. We're here to help. Read on to find out about organic cotton, and all the positive things about it. The benefits to the earth, society, and yourself.

What is organic cotton?

Organic combed cotton is what is sounds...