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Stepping in SOKKI socks – towards healthier environment

By choosing organic cotton in our everyday wardrobe we make a small but very important and environmentally friendly step towards sustainability. Not only this choice promotes consuming less resources and using more nature-friendly substances in textile industry but also supports human working conditions and fair payment to the people involved in this process. Moreover, by choosing organic materials we take care of our skin, not making a contact with fabrics treated with poisonous pesticides. There is a reason why cotton is believed to be the dirtiest crop due to the heavy use of insecticides that are ranked as the most dangerous to people and wildlife according to the World Health organization.

But how can we know how the cotton was grown and is it really organic? Often the textile producers name their product organic even if only a small part of it is organic. Or if organic cotton product is treated with chemical colours. If the product is truly organic the producer has a special certificate. In the field of textiles, the most important one is GOTS certificate or Global Organic Textile Standard. The producer has to go through serious inspections to get GOTS. It means that every step is checked, starting the field where the crop is grown until the final product itself.

Certified producer of SOKKI yarns

The yarn used in SOKKI socks comes from Portugal, from Trifitrofa company that works with textiles for more than thirty years. Trifitrofa has joined the family of organic cotton product producers and they have GOTS to approve it. That means the cotton yarn we get from Trifitrofa comes from fields that are not treated with dangerous pesticides, the cotton fibres are treated with special combing method that ensures the durability of the fabric. Also it means that all the people involved in SOKKI production works in a proper and safe working environment, the do not work over the allowed hours and get a proper salary. Moreover, they do not get discriminated and their rights are protected. And the factor secured by GOTS that we are the happiest about – all the colours used in the dying process are environmentally and human friendly.

Bright color organic yarn - is it possible?

Often when we think about natural, organic materials we think of pale, beige and numb tones. But the technologies are developing and now we can get really bright colour pigments from the nature itself. Therefore, the world of organic fabrics gets much more interesting and attractive offering products for every taste. SOKKI collections offer you calmer tones as well as bright and joyful ones. And all of them are friendly to your feet and our Planet.

Making the steps in SOKKI socks we take care of our health, of the clean Earth and safety of other living creatures. Maybe at first it is not easy to believe that such a simple thing as socks can be such a serious factor in the development of ecosystem and even human rights.

More and more people around the world are becoming aware of the effect of their choices. SOKKI family invites you to join them!

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