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SOKKI releases a new, bright, designer sock collection in collaboration with singer Intars Busulis

The Latvian family-made organic cotton sock brand SOKKI, in co-operation with one of the most popular local musicians and singers, Intars Busulis, release a new, bright, designer sock collection called “SOKKI by Intars Busulis”.

“Intars Busulis is one of the brightest Latvian pop music personalities. We've been big fans of his work since the beginning of his musical career and our attitude over the years hasn't changed. Our, the SOKKI family's, vision and values fit together with Intars' - family, style and comfort. For Intars, as a stage performer, it's important to stand out, be noticeable, but it's essential that he feels comfortable in what he's doing so that he isn't confined by what he's wearing. All of these qualities are brought together in SOKKI - they combine bright, incredibly comfortable socks, which are created from soft, organic cotton. By no accident do they become the most comfortable accessory for anyone who's worn them. Intars is no exception!” says Egils Trumpe, the founder of SOKKI.

The new collection consists of five bright and daring designs, characteristic of Intars' personality. Intars actively participated in the development of new sock models, through defining the patterns and colours. The collection's graphic elements merge with Intars' new album's look, thereby creating his own “feeling”. The “SOKKI by Intars Busulis” collection can be recognized by the bright pink tone that interweaves the entire collection, as well as the pink letter “S” on the sock's cuff.

Intars Busulis' opinion of SOKKI is, as always, short and sweet: “Colour! 🌈 Brightness! ☀ Comfort! 👞👟👠 They're just awesome! While performing on stage it's important to me that my outfit is comfortable and expressive!”

As of March 1st, the “SOKKI by Intars Busulis” collection will be available for preorder at www.sokki.eu, and by mid-March, the socks will already reach their buyers.

The socks are not limited by gender, and are available in a wide range of sizes, from size 36-48.

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