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One step closer to ideal socks

New year, new socks

One of the things that SOKKI family really enjoys doing is growing and developing. Exactly the same goes for SOKKI production. By using SOKKI products daily and also by surveying other users the necessary improvements were summarised of both, design and used technologies. Therefore we are happy to offer some brand new models. So what are the upgrades for these models?

Find your combination!

Once in a while SOKKI users are interviewed in order to find out what combinations of colours and geometrical shapes they would like to see in the new collections. As a result there are two new SOKKI By Intars Busulis designs. Also, two previous designs of this collection are now available with the new technologies. 4 fresh designs can be also found in SOKKI Casual collection, and two more are still to come! Besides that SOKKI Sport collection has 3 new designs. Everyone can find something they like, those who prefer brighter colours and the ones whose taste or working environment requires shades that are more down to earth. There is also a nice sporty vintage touch in the new collections as well as flashing combinations of geometrical shapes. Also, the surveys showed a big request for big socks. Therefore now all the designs are available in sizes 45-48.

New technologies

This phrase “new technologies” can be seen a lot these days. What does it actually mean in the case of SOKKI?

Until now SOKKI socks were knitted on a machine with 168 needles, now – with 200 needles. That means finer knitwork and thinner socks that are more suitable for office workers.

People working in more formal environments really can enjoy SOKKI now as the new designs and technologies take care that everyone has something to choose. Meanwhile, the sport collection has still preserved the reinforced heel and toe that assures warmer and more comfortable feeling as well as the durability of the socks.

Until now SOKKI were proud with the seamless toe. In the new models it is not only seamless but also invisible, thus, making the socks even more comfortable and attractive. Besides that, SOKKI can be proud with even higher durability. Environmentally friendly, high quality materials have always been an integral part of SOKKI. The new socks won’t get rumpled after putting them in washing machine and they will serve much longer.

Technologies continue to develop. More people start to make choices that are friendlier to their skin and environment. SOKKI family follows these trends and continue to develop their offer, making brave steps towards ideal socks.


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