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Shortly about argyle

Argyle pattern in clothing – what does it tell you? Is it classy and formal style or is it more for playing golf? Argyle pattern can be found also in SOKKI collections. Therefore, it is interesting to explore where it comes from.

Originally, argyle pattern has developed form tartan which is a pattern of coloured checks and intersecting lines.

Similarly, as each territory has its own coat of arms, in the 17th century each Scottish clan had its own tartar that verified a membership to a certain group of people.

In 17th century there was Clan Campbell living in the highlands of western Scotland, in the area of Argyll. And their tartar is where the classic argyle pattern has developed from. It was used in the traditional Scottish clothing – kilts, plaids and the long socks known as hoses.

After the Second World War the knitwear with argyle pattern came in fashion. Firstly, in Great Britain and then also in the United States of America. Fashion brand “Pringle of Scotland” made the design popular using the fact that the Duke of Windsor wore golf clothing, that is jerseys and long socks, with argyle pattern. It became popular rather quickly in the world of sports fashion. Mostly in golf but it is possible to find similar patterns also in other sports. Nevertheless, also the royal, thus the formal part of this piece of history has survived in the fashion, thus we can find argyle pattern also in the formal every day clothing style.

SOKKI family has developed their own version about the 17th century Scottish highlanders’ socks. You can find argyle pattern socks for men, women, short or longer models. Also the colours vary from softer, light blue and pink tones to brighter green and navy blue colours. Therefore, you can wear argyle SOKKI with formal clothes as well as create more brave combinations. See the collections and find your own argyle!

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